The Entire Game Of Thrones Timeline Explained

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The Entire Game Of Thrones Timeline Explained

The final season of Game of Thrones has arrived. But before we can get to the ending, first we have to understand the beginning. We've got the whole history of Westeros mapped out for you - just in time to get ready to see it all come crashing down. Here's the entire Game of Thrones timeline explained.

In the distant past, Westeros was the home of the Children of the Forest. But roughly 12,000 years before the first episode of the series takes place, the first humans arrived from across the sea. The Children of the Forest called them The First Men, and two thousand years of war ensued. Finally, a truce was called, but it was too late. The Children turned to dark magic to protect themselves and inadvertently created the undead Night King and his White Walkers.

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12,000 years Before Conquest: The First Men | 0:16
8,000 years BC: The Long Night | 0:43
6,000 years BC: The Andals invade | 1:44
100 years BC: Old Valyria is destroyed | 2:29
Year 0: The Conquest | 3:22
282 After Conquest: Robert's Rebellion | 3:39
284 AC: The past is prologue | 5:41
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